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Hanoi Expands Online Tax Declaration

Cập nhật: 20/05/2011 09:39

(VEN) - The Hanoi Department of Taxation has emphasized tax administration reforms following the tax system reform program under the direction of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. Tax declaration via the Internet is a key that would allow taxpayers to declare taxes and send-in tax declaration procedures monthly, quarterly and annually without having to print tax declaration forms and give them to the tax office.

Instead of taking tax declaration forms to the tax office, taxpayers can go to the website http://kekhaithue.gdt.gov.vn to register an account for online payment and download the tax declaration form and electronic signature. E-declaration would allow tax offices to quickly and accurately deal with tax declaration procedures, reduce overwork at one-stop divisions, improve declaration form archives/search, reduce material facilities and manpower and better meet the need of taxpayers the number of whom is increasing.
To be enabled to declare taxes via the Internet, businesses, organizations and individuals must (1) receive a tax identification number and do business at the time of registration, (2) apply free software for tax declaration and regularly update the software following the direction of the General Department of Taxation, (3) have an email box for contact with the tax office and have access to the Internet and (4) receive a digital identity card from a public digital signature certification service provider.
Now that the reform has been in place for more than one year, Hanoi is leading the national taxation sector with more than 5,000 businesses declaring taxes via the Internet.
The Hanoi Department of Taxation said that it plans to launch six courses on tax declaration via the Internet in the second quarter of this year to make it able for more than 3,000 businesses to complete tax declaration procedures via the Internet as of this March. By May 7, 2011, more than 9,400 businesses had received online tax declaration accounts.
With support from tax offices, digital signature providers and the business community, the Hanoi Department of Taxation expected to provide online tax declaration services for 10,000 more businesses thus increasing the number of online tax declaring businesses to about 15,000 at the end of this year./.
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