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JICA, Vietnam Cooperate To Improve Rice Production in Africa

Cập nhật: 15/11/2010 10:14

(VEN) - Asia including Vietnam has many experiences in producing rice. It has also succeeded in the Green Revolution. Now is time for Africa to launch a green revolution like that in Asia. Given traditional relations with Mozambique, Vietnam will be able to help Africa develop rice farming.

Kenzo Oshima, the senior vice president of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), told that at a press conference held on the occasion of his recent visit to Vietnam.
Oshima also talked with Professor Dr. Vo Tong Xuan, the former director of the An Giang University, about the cooperation between Vietnam, Africa and Japan in farming rice. He said that, via JICA, the government of Japan has cooperated with other international organizations to help Africa increase rice productivity by developing the African Rice Development Program, under which Vietnam is an important partner.
Following the program, total rice production in Sahara Minor, Africa, is expected to increase from 14 million tonnes to 28 million tonnes. So far, 23 countries in Sahara Minor have participated in the program, and Mozambique is one of the highest prioritized countries.
It is also expected that Vietnam, Mozambique and Japan will begin the three-sided cooperation in rice production. In the event that the cooperation with Mozambique is successful, it will be expanded to other countries in Africa like Liberia.
In a meeting with Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung, Vietnam and JICA agreed on the importance of Vietnam-Japan cooperation in the campaign "Each Village Has One Product for Local Development".
In a talk with Vietnamese Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam and JICA spoke highly of agricultural cooperation between three parties including JICA. They also agreed to look to develop the cooperation with other African countries in the future.
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