Tariff on Crude Cashew Imports To Likely Decrease
Updated at: 08:08 28/05/2011
(VEN) - The Ministry of Finance is drafting a circular according to which the preferential import tax subject to crude cashews coded 0801.31.00.00 in the preferential import tariff is reduced from five to zero percent.
Hanoi Expands Online Tax Declaration
Updated at: 09:39 20/05/2011
(VEN) - The Hanoi Department of Taxation has emphasized tax administration reforms following the tax system reform program under the direction of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. Tax declaration via the Internet is a key that would allow taxpayers to declare taxes and send-in tax declaration procedures monthly, quarterly and annually without having to print tax declaration forms and give them to the tax office.
Vinh Hoan Wins Top Prize at Seafood Prix d'Elite
Updated at: 08:54 19/05/2011
(VEN) - The Vinh Hoan Seafood Joint Stock Company recently won the Best New Retail Product Prize from Seafood Prix d'Elite 2011 held in Brussels of Belgium, for its Provocake-labeled fish cakes, which are made of shrimp, Tra fish, mushroom and asparagus.
Vietnam, Benin, Nigeria Transfer Technology
Updated at: 08:56 12/05/2011
(VEN) - Agreements on cooperation in technology research and transfer were concluded recently in Hanoi between the National Department of Science-Technology Information under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Agriculture Research Institute 1, Hanoi University of Agriculture, Songhai Agricultural Technology Center of the Republic of Benin, and heads of the diplomatic delegation of the Embassy of the Republic of Nigeria in Hanoi.
Fishing Association Offers 2012 Quality Awards
Updated at: 10:10 06/05/2011
(VEN) - The Vietnam Fishing Association made public an award program entitled, "Second Vietnam Seafood Golden Quality Awards 2012" on April 25 in Ho Chi Minh City.
Black Ant Farming Helps Poverty Reduction
Updated at: 10:25 04/05/2011
(VEN) - After a long-term research, Vietnamese scientists succeeded in creating the Trytokc pill from black ant egg extracts. This invention is not only important for the medicine sector but also lays the foundations for a black ant farming industry.
CCF Fosters Rural Development
Updated at: 08:22 30/04/2011
(VEN) - A national level business which plays the role of a link between credit funds, the Central People's Credit Fund's tasks are regulating capital in the people's credit fund system, participating in activities related to money, credit, banking services, and assisting its member credit funds.
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