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Vinh Hoan Wins Top Prize at Seafood Prix d'Elite

Cập nhật: 19/05/2011 08:54

(VEN) - The Vinh Hoan Seafood Joint Stock Company recently won the Best New Retail Product Prize from Seafood Prix d'Elite 2011 held in Brussels of Belgium, for its Provocake-labeled fish cakes, which are made of shrimp, Tra fish, mushroom and asparagus.

Vinh Hoan was the only company in Asia to go to the final rounds three times and win prizes twice. The company received an award in 2009 for its health and nutrition products and an award this year for its best new retail product.
Established in 1997 in Sa Dec Commune in Dong Thap Province, Vinh Hoan is one of Vietnamese leading Tra and Basa fish processing and exporting companies.
It is also the first choice for foreign importers of Tra and Basa fillet and value-added products made from Tra and Basa fish./.


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